Why Use Frozen Foods ?

"Frozen food — at least, the right kind of frozen food — can be tremendously beneficial for our environment, our bodies, and our lives.”

There’s no better known means of preserving food than by freezing. Commercial rapid-freezing processes maintain nutritional quality of products without chemical preservatives. And food quick-frozen and properly stored keeps their high nutritional value.

Frozen foods are consistent in quality. Only the best ingredients are used. That’s because of stringent industry quality control procedures that begin on the farm.

Frozen foods can pass the most discriminating taste tests. An entree which has been correctly formulated, maintained at 0°F and heated according to manufacturer’s specifications, should taste identical to an on-premise prepared item. The recipes formulated for use in frozen prepared foods are created by some of the world’s finest chefs. Immediately following preparation, freezing ensures consistently uniform product quality in each and every serving.

Freezing foods seals in freshness. Foods designed for the freezer are selected at their peak of nutrition and flavor, quickly processed and frozen within hours, before there has been any deterioration in quality.

Longer Storage
Frozen foods have a longer storage time than fresh, offering maximum flexibility. Frozen broccoli, for example, stays fresh in the freezer for up to eight months, whereas fresh broccoli usually must be consumed within a week.

Because frozen foods fit the way people live and eat today, they offer incomparable value in a number of ways: dollar savings, nutrition and quality, time savings and energy saving.

Pre- Prepared
With frozen ready meals, we prepare and cook everything for you, so all you need to do is heat it up and tuck in! We also include everything you’ll need for the meal. Our dishes come with sides and veg, so there’s no separate chopping or preparation needed – it’s all there for you.

Plus, our ready meals come in 3 different portion sizes, so there are different options depending on your mood and appetite.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
As one of the most trusted frozen food delivery companies in the UK we guarantee complete satisfaction with our ready meals. In fact, we're so confident in the quality of our food that if you're not 100% satisfied with any dish, we'll replace it and give you another meal absolutely free. It’s our customer promise.

Cost Effectiveness
Poor quality chilled supermarket ready meals are often cheap, but can be high in saturated fat, salt and sugar.

We work hard to keep our ready meals as cost effective for our customers as possible offering plenty of great value options. However, we don’t believe in compromising on the quality of our food and our commitment to nutrition means you’ll find plenty of delicious dishes, whatever your dietary needs.

Nutritional Expertise
With over 30 years’ experience, we know all about making really good food. Many of our dishes are low in fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt, plus our food is free from additives like artificial colours and flavors so you can enjoy a healthy frozen meal.

Our dietitian works closely with our chefs to create recipes that taste good and cater for many dietary needs, including Gluten Free, Free From and a specialist Softer Foods range

Frozen foods are truly convenient. The cleaning, picking, dicing, chopping and squeezing has been done. Whatever you choose, it’s all prepared, ready to take from your freezer, heat and serve.

Frozen foods are economical. You do not pay for stalks, pits, skins, rinds or damaged food. Edible ounce for edible ounce, frozen food costs are usually less than their fresh counterparts.
Frozen prepared foods also compare favorably to their homemade counterparts. The real cost of preparing a food at home must take into account all the ingredients used in preparation. For example, to bake a cake would mean buying flour, sugar, eggs, shortening, spices or flavoring, and whatever else might be needed to make a frosting or topping. These can add up to quite an expensive cake. If you are an infrequent baker and will not use the remaining ingredients, frozen baked goods probably are a better buy.

Food Safety
Frozen foods offer explicit cooking directions, leaving no room for error and under-cooked food. And because the preparation (dicing, chopping, etc.) has already been done, all you have to do is heat and serve—less chance for contamination in the preparation process.

Frozen food packages tell you what you’re eating. Packages have ingredient and nutrition labeling. If you’re health conscious, counting calories or on doctor’s orders, frozen foods can help.

No waste
With frozen foods you have food that is 100 percent edible. You don’t pay for waste such as the pits of fruits, the shells, peels and outer leaves of vegetables, bones in fish or the fat on the meat. There is no waste since there are no leftovers. Individual servings also make it possible for each member of the family to eat his or her favorite dish, without the time and expense of preparing large quantities of each of the foods.
In addition, frozen foods in poly bags (vegetables, fruits, pasta) offer easy portion control. Just pour out the amount needed and return the rest to the freezer for future use.

Ready meals are so easy! There’s no shopping necessary – you won’t need to travel to the supermarket frozen food aisle or carry heavy bags home. There’s no worrying about missing some ingredients or having leftover food waste.

And there is no cooking involved, or washing up pots and pans at the end. Our ready meals can be easily cooked in the microwave or oven in no time at all.

It’s also very easy to order from our range of frozen food online or by the phone, and you can quickly repeat previous orders. You will have frozen dinners delivered to your home, and our friendly drivers can even help you put them away in the freezer.